Thursday, October 22, 2015

Solved! New Check_mk user unable to access Network Topology

After creating a new user on OMD, that user should get access to the features that his rights/role allows him to. This applies across all of the OMD apps, Nagios, Check_mk, DokuWiki and NagVis. 
However, users created by Wato, the tool to configure Nagios, can't get access to the Network Topology item on the side menu. A message saying that the user is not allowed comes up, even though the user's role is an administrator. Stangely enough, even if you clone the user 'omd' to create a new user, the new user still won't be able to use the Network Topology.
It seems this is due to a bug in NagVis or WATO. It could also be a mismatch in role mapping that OMD uses to create users across of it's apps. But there is a workaround.
Basically the user in Nagvis needs to be given admin privileges or  Read-only privileges. Say you are dealing with the account 'mike'.
1. Open the NagVis OMD URL, http://<omd>/<site name>/nagvis e.g.
2. If you are not already logged on, it will prompt for a username amd password. Enter the OMD/Check_admin administratror, which is usually 'omd'.
3. Choose User Menu on the top right and choose Manage User.
4. In the Modify User section select the user 'mike'
5. Move the role 'Users (Read-only)' from the left column (Available Roles) to the right column (Selected Roles).
6. Move the role 'Guest' from the right column to the left.
7. Click Modify User button to apply the changes.

Try logging in Check_mk with the account 'mike'. You have to do the same for all new users. Until the bug is fixed, at least. 

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